Thursday, February 26, 2009

Australian Hello Kitty Prices

Woah, im on a roll with blogging today! Haha, well, here are the prices of Hello Kitty on Australia. It was on the website.
Nail Lacquer$22.00
Reflects Glitter$29.00
Beauty Powder Blush$45.00
Beauty Powder $55.00
Tinted Lip Conditioner$34.00
Glitter Eye liner$35.00
Hello Kitty Lash$18.00
Hello Kitty Kouture Dazzlegass $68.00
Hello Kitty Kouture Sheer Myst. Powder $150.00

Somehow i dont think i will be buying the HKK Sheer Mystery Powder of KKK Dazzleglass! PASS!

I was just thinking....

How many Lush videos and post have there been lately!?!? Its awsome.
- xsparkage (sorry, cant remember how to spell it!) has updated her video on youtube
- Elle from allthatglitters21 has done a few vides on her youtube, and some blogs on her blog
- MakeupByTiffanyD has started a new skincare regime which she has talked about on her blog, and has done a video on lush
- In a older post Fafinettex3 has talked about Herbalism on her blog
- Whatstyleistonickle talks about Honey I Washed the Kids in one of his videos

And there has been a few more, but how awsome is that!

Have a good day.

Mac Hello Kitty

Ok, so this collection has me extra excited. Could it be that it's Hello Kitty? That it will be my first major collection (like Fafi and Heatherette(I missed out. BOO!))? Or is it that i will be going to my first Collection Release party? Hmm... maybe a combo of each.

I am very excited, and have been 'trying' to save my hardest. But sadly, my savings have taken a turn. On Saturday i came down really sick with food poisining. And because of my luck, it was on the sunday i am supposed to work, which meant i lost out on earning $100. Then its my brothers up and coming birthdays. They are turning 16, which means.... present. So i brought them a blue Siamese Fighting Fish each, and the bowl and accesories to go along with it. I also have to cover things such as petrol and other expenses which totals up to being expensive. So there is my little rant. My savings=down the drain.

Anyway! Back on topic, Hello Kitty. I am so excited for the release party (which is on the 12th of March). I will be getting to meet some fellow Spectralites and youtubers. It cost AU$60, but is refundable on purchase. If it wasnt, i can say.... i would definatly not attend. But since i have a list of things i want, i can say i will easily spend that $60. I am thinking of getting (Prices are my estimate);

- Tippy Beauty Powder Blush $47
- Cute-Ster Lipstick $42
- Big Bow Lipstick $42
- Sweet Strawberry Lipgloss $42
- Pink Fish Lip Conditioner $35

So im thinking i will proberly be up for about $208. So... gotta keep saving!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lush baby!

Sorry i havent updated in a few days. I have been bed stricken for a few days, but im up and better!
Yesterday was my first day i was feeling good so i decided to go to a Lush VIP night i was invited to. If you dont know Lush Cosmetics, check them out here

This is one of my favourite companies (up there with mac) so i dragged myself there. The night focused on skincare and they were giving hand massages (soooo good) and face masks. All their staff we there (they know me now!) and were giving advice to everyone and answering questions.

I didnt spend much (trying my hardest to save for Hello Kitty!), so i just brought one thing. I picked up a facial cleanser called Sweet Japanese Girl. You cant tell in the picture, but it is shaped in to a face. This is what Lush had to say about it;

"Regular readers of the Lush Times will know all about Noriko, our Japanese
Lush skincare specialist who spent a while last year working on new
She and Helen developed Sweet Japanese Girl together. We hand make
each one in a
Japanese sweetmeat mould, it's sweet little face with its
chubby cheeks
represents beauty. Massage the bar into the congested parts of
the facial skin;
tea tree and juniperberry oils help to clear up the skin,
ground almonds and
aduki beans exfoliate it and the natural oils add
moisture. Wipe off with warm
water on 100% cotton wool or a soft face cloth
and your face will feel soft,
clean and relaxed but nicely scrubbed.

I wanted to try this because i was originally using one of their other cleansers called Angels On Bare Skin. I found that this wasnt working for me because i have dry skin on my forehead. Im hoping that Sweet Japanese Girl will be better for me because it uses more oils, where AOBS is proberly better for oily skin. I tried it out last night, and so far, so good. What i will do is try and report back in a week on my thoughts on it. Sweet Japanese Girl cost AU$14.95

One of the things i love about Lush is that they give out samples of anything that you want and also freebies with almost any purchase. So with my purchase of SJG, i got a free bath ballistic (bath bomb) in Butterfly Ball. I asked for a sample of a cleanser called Aqua Marina (pictured left). I havent tried it yet, but my idea was to use SJG in the morning, and then aqua marina at night. Aqua Marina actually has seaweed in it! This is Lush's description of it;
"Look! LOOK! A new cleanser, everyone! Oh what a joy this one is to use too.
It’s pink and squidgy and wrapped in seaweed and rolled up like a big pink
sausage (a REALLY big pink sausage) if sausages had seaweed wrapped round them.
It feels so soft and wobbly that you can scarcely believe it would make a
difference but when you rinse it away, your skin feels smooth and smells sweet
and looks lovely. You’ve got to try it! As it’s made with a lot of calamine and
also vera it’s good for soothing irritated faces and the kaolin is deeply
cleansing and tightens your skin a little. The three kinds of seaweed give you a
slap of minerals too. You have got to have some of this. It’s going to be a best
seller. Please write in and tell us what you think"
I am hoping to do a Lush video soon (maybe today) on my stash, so stay tuned for that!
Have a great day! An hope your up and coming (yes i am already on a countdown) weekend.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Hey eveyone,
Sorry i have been such a horrible blogger! I keep forgetting about this. I just wanted to do a little bit of a update, not much, and i will try to get some more youtube videos up today, so be sure to check that out!
So in devestating news, Victoria's bushfires are still happening. Not this saturday, but the one before we had insane fires. There was even one on the top of the hill in front of my house. Today i took my brother to school, and it was still a little smokey but nothing to worry about. I went outside about half an hour ago, and its a blanket of thick smoke! Its getting quite scary. I have got one of my cats inside, but cant get the other. Theres 2 fires within about 3 kilometers of my home! Im pretty sure nothing will happen, but just the thought of how many lives and homes have already been taken by this devestating force is quite scary. And, i would rather be prepared then not prepared for something to happen. Mum has gone to another area where the fires are today for a memorial service. She lost a friend that she knew from youth group to the fires. Sunrise morning show did a short special on him. My thoughts and love are with those victims of these fires.

On better news, i have signed up to go to Mac's Hello Kitty event on Chapel Street! Im super excited, and hopefully will be metting up with some of the gourgeous girls on youtube and on! The girls and i from Specktra have been thinking of wearing cat ears, which is cool, its just trying to find some! haha. But i cant wait to meet these girls. If you are going to the event, let me know so we could possibly meet up!

Thats all i can think of for now... Oh, except my eye is, and still is infected. It sucks not being able to do makeup! Its driving me insane! But... it is a great time saver in the morning! Haha.

Talk later