Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mac Hello Kitty

Ok, so this collection has me extra excited. Could it be that it's Hello Kitty? That it will be my first major collection (like Fafi and Heatherette(I missed out. BOO!))? Or is it that i will be going to my first Collection Release party? Hmm... maybe a combo of each.

I am very excited, and have been 'trying' to save my hardest. But sadly, my savings have taken a turn. On Saturday i came down really sick with food poisining. And because of my luck, it was on the sunday i am supposed to work, which meant i lost out on earning $100. Then its my brothers up and coming birthdays. They are turning 16, which means.... present. So i brought them a blue Siamese Fighting Fish each, and the bowl and accesories to go along with it. I also have to cover things such as petrol and other expenses which totals up to being expensive. So there is my little rant. My savings=down the drain.

Anyway! Back on topic, Hello Kitty. I am so excited for the release party (which is on the 12th of March). I will be getting to meet some fellow Spectralites and youtubers. It cost AU$60, but is refundable on purchase. If it wasnt, i can say.... i would definatly not attend. But since i have a list of things i want, i can say i will easily spend that $60. I am thinking of getting (Prices are my estimate);

- Tippy Beauty Powder Blush $47
- Cute-Ster Lipstick $42
- Big Bow Lipstick $42
- Sweet Strawberry Lipgloss $42
- Pink Fish Lip Conditioner $35

So im thinking i will proberly be up for about $208. So... gotta keep saving!